UPDATE: This was of course an April Fools’ joke. Cheers for playing along and many thanks to everyone who has visited and contributed over the past few weeks. And even though the excellent fnm.com is now up and running again for official news, we’ll be busy over the next few months covering the reunion tour and future festival announcements and publishing your questions, queries and comments.

Inspired by the remarkably positive reaction to the news of the Faith No More reformation, former members of the band are now planning a reunion of their own, Faith No More 2.0 has learned. The exact composition of the band, which has a working title of Faith No Less, is not known at this stage but Chuck Mosley, Courtney Love, Jim Martin and Robin Guy are all believed to be involved.

Love, who was in a very early incarnation of Faith No More but never recorded with the band, alluded to the new band in a recent update on her Twitter page. Her suggestion of possible track titles “Things That Should Kill Me” and “Authenticity is the New Black” heighten expectations that the band will also be working on new material.

However, for now their focus, like that of their erstwhile bandmates, is on a European tour. First up will be a series of Scandinavian festival appearances.  The band’s Norwegian manager Olaf Priol told us: “Roskilde and Hulsfred and all the big festivals are speaking to us and we are trying to avoid playing at the same festivals as Faith No More themselves. Chuck is taking time off from his solo project to get involved and with him and Courtney on board we also hope to have a nice boy-girl vocal dynamic so they can throw in a few Imperial Teen covers. “

We’ll keep you posted with more updates as we get them.