Not much tour news filtering through over the past few days save for a few more Tweets from Roddy and Bill. (see column on right). Seems that the band are now working on a one hour, 45 minute set and around 30 songs.

  • Speaking of which, remember to submit your Fantasy setlists here.
  • Lots of news on Mike Patton’s Crank 2 score. Ain’t It Cool Scorekeeper have a video interview with the Faith No More front man about his film work.
  • Mike was also in action at the Coachella festival last Friday when he had the unenviable task of competing against headliner Paul McCartney. Read more from Buzz bands. (Short clip above is their cover of the McCartney/Stevie Wonder, er, classic Ebony and Ivory)
  • Finally, Faith No More’s Angel Dust has been selected as the most under-rated album of all time by the Modern Rock Living site.