After all the excitement of today’s series of gig announcements, time for a breather and our regular news collection.

  • Our friends over at Stubbadub have scored a major exclusive with news from Bill Gould himself that an Australian tour looks 85% certain.
  • Fittingly given today’s festival frenzy, 22 April marks eleven years to the day since Faith No More officially announced their split.
  • Faith No More front man Mike Patton continues to earn stellar reviews for his Crank 2. High Voltage soundtrack even if the film itself has not been so well received. Entertainment site IGN is the latest to heap praise on the opus. Sample quote: “Patton’s work brilliantly captures the tension, energy and sense of humor of an over-the-top action flick. Sonic textures range from breakneck metal to pounding industrial to dark electronica, even as far as goofball space music. The sheer variety boggles the mind”.
  • Finally, news from the Cleveland Scene on Chuck Mosley’s solo record which will be released on 23 June.