A number of users have been in contact after missing out on tickets due to the seemingly chaotic sales procedure. (Full disclosure: I picked up two tickets successfully so have no personal gripe). However, Fantomas No More a long-time fan and blogger left this comment on the site and I feel it merits a guest post slot.

“Well another fine mess for us all to moan about.

Here is the crack, I HAVE download tickets, I know my way around a computer and know a trick or two but the pre-sale for Brixton tickets to Download holders did not happen as far as I am aware. With regards to the regular sale, I was waiting, waiting and waiting and even waited some more but the tickets did not become available on 3 sites that I was using on the day.

Typically we have been fu**ed over again.

Any of you guys read this from the band take a look at http://www.getmein.com thay have (at the time of this rant) 39 tickets available ranging from £126.50 (192.69. US$) to £198.00 (301.00 US$)

Guess what!! yes its a TICKETMASTER company.

Any of you know me I am a huge fan of Faith No More, Mike Patton in general going back to 1988 when I first saw them.

I will not pay this price for these tickets, nor would any true fan.

My advise to anyone reading this would be to get a day ticket from Download at £65 per ticket plus the crappy “booking fee” of £6 and enjoy the day.

If anyone from the band is reading, sort this out, you don’t need this kind of promotion, make the tickets yourself, add £5 to each one and sell them through Ipecac or Koolarrow.

Just my thoughts.”