And that is that as Mike finished with “Take it from our drummer Puff, being good it gets you stuff”. Shorter and sharper than Brixton but sublime. Ashes to Ashes song of the night.

Mike wraps himself in the mic lead for Cuckoo for Caca.

Chariots of Fire and then Stripsearch.

An indeed epic version of Epic finishes the main set. Big thank yous and a peace sign from Patton. Encores to follow.

Be Aggressive with Mike complaining about mic inaudibly.

We Care a Lot as Mike barks drum solo over the start.

“Who farted?”from Mike sparks some banter and a poor girl in an FNM shirt is blamed.Then Ashes to Ashes.

RV next after Mike askes: “You been here all day and you stuck around for this?!”


Midlife Crisis gets a mosh going. Mike P stops after the audience chorus and then leads a stonking final refrain. Introduce Yourself.

Last Cup of Sorrow gets a big ovation.

And Easy again is next.

Surprise You’re Dead. Brutal.

Puffy is battering the skins in a very heavy finish.

Poker Face again segues into Chinese Arithmetic. What a reaction.

“Metalheads put your hands in the air,” Patton says as he leads into the chorus.

Evidence in Spanish or Portuguese or maybe even Italian.Jon’s guitar is great in this. Its in Italian.

Jackets off and first banter from Roddy, Billy and Mike P. Caffeine.

From Out of Nowhere gets the crowd in a frenzy before Land of Sunshine. Absolutely maniacal laughter from Patton in that and now on his knees before the megaphone comes out.

The Real Thing. Stunning start. High energy despite the second show in a row. Deep breath from Patton before the final chorus.

Reunited and it feels so good…here we go again as the opener

Can see band in wings. Looks like Brixton suits again.

We’ll be a little late after all. Roadies still on stage.

No sign of the red curtain stage dressing of Brixton and Download. Looks like a spare set as the roadies (Why are they always British?) Set up.

The concert is being filmed for the big screens so maybe we’ll get some quality video appearing later. I’ll post some of my video very late tonight or tomorrow.

Billy Talent finish a strong set. I’ve managed to get right to front row with minimal effort.could be interesting this with FNM not preaching to the converted as at Download and Brixton; a very young crowd here perhaps unfamiliar with their back catalogue. By the way, has anyone ever blogged from a mosh pit before ? Any tips?

A helicopter lands backstage. Could it be Faith No More? They were due to arrive around 8 or 9.

I’ve seen significantly more guys wearing kilts, effectively skirts, than Faith No More t-shirts here so far. On stage, Red Flag gets a serious mosh pit going.

Lead singer of Billy Talent tells audience that its a dream come true to be sharing the stage with Faith No More, “one of our favourite bands”.

Toronto rockers Billy Talent come on stage bang on schedule at 2045. A reminder that we are in Switzerland. Expect FNM dead on at 2200. Billy Talent tease us with the opening chords of The Real Thing albeit to muted reaction.

Bizarrely you can watch all the action on the main stage without entering the festival grounds from a distance of less than 100 metres. Guano Apes have just finished their set.

Hi from Greenfield. Glorious weather at this beautifully appointed venue surrounded by the Swiss Alps. The average age here must be about half that of those who attended Brixton on Wednesday. No surprise as the lineup is dominated by 21st century metal bands with the odd exception such as The Tings Tings who look like they’ve been booked for the wrong festival.Have just seen one FNM t-shirt so far – a well-preserved 1992 European tour one.More soon.

Leading Swiss German-language newspaper Basler Zeitung features a full profile of Mike Patton today ahead of Faith No More’s appearance at the Greenfield festival in Interlaken. Sample quote: “Michael Allan Patton, born in 1968 in Eureka, California, is not a musical barbarian. Rather he is a performance artist and absurdist with rock concerts used as a playground: “For me, the stage is a place where anything can happen and must happen.”

Faith No More 2.0 will be at Greenfield today and providing updates throughout the evening although as we want to spend some time in the mosh pit it won’t be a song by song update. Here’s hoping they play Greenfields in tribute to the festival name.