Setlist updated again after more top sleuthing from tbeest.

Reports from commenters at the gig are that Mike P is now limping badly so seems the cane was not a prop after all. Mike is due to play the Meltdown festival in London tomorrow night before three consecutive festival dates this weekend at Nova Rock, Southside and Hurricane.
Here’s the setlist courtesy of Mr Bungle in the comments and also on last.fm:

2.The Real Thing
3.From Out Of Nowhere
4.Land Of Sunshine
6.Evidence (in Spanish)
7.Poker Face/Chinese Arithmetic
8.Surprise! You\’re Dead!
10. Cuckoo for Caca
11.Ashes to Ashes
12.Midlife Crisis
13.Introduce Yourself
14.The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
15. I Started a Joke
16. King for a Day
17. Be Aggressive
18. Epic
19. Mark Bowen

20.Chariots of Fire/Stripsearch
21.We Care A Lot


UPDATE: There’s a longer version of the review below by the same author in Die Welt. They repeat the report that tbeest had passed on earlier – which I put down to cane confusion – that Patton may have a leg injury. They also list the songs but it seems to be all songs played on tour rather than a set list. They also quote Patton’s reaction to the news that Simple Minds were also playing in Berlin tonight: “Who is playing? Simple Minds? Simple Minds? Simply Red? Simply Red? “.

UPDATE: First review in from the Berliner Morgenpost. Sample quote: “It was if Faith No More had never been away, so powerful, so dynamic as on the first day…driven by Patton’s phenomenal voice that now after over 40 years has reached its highest volume.”

Faith No More play the fifth gig of their Second Coming tour tonight at the Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide in Berlin. Tickets are still available here. With Mötley Crüe and Neil Young also playing the German capital tonight, it seems that the FNM show, the first of six proposed German dates on the tour, will not sell out. Show time is 1900 CET with support from Farmers Market and Zu.
Unfortunately, Faith No More 2.0 will not be in Berlin for this one – or indeed for the next few weeks of shows – so all information, videos, photos and setlists will be much appreciated from German and other fans. Feel free to add a comment or catch us on Twitter.
UPDATE: A World War Two bomb has been found this afternoon in Wuhlheide. More (in German) here. Not sure how this will affect the gig or access to it.