Over 13,000 people flocked to see Faith No More return to Finland last night for what, by all accounts, was a storming gig.
Here’s the set list (courtesy of tbeest and J).

  1. Reunited
  2. From Out of Nowhere
  3. Land of Sunshine
  4. Caffeine
  5. Evidence
  6. Surprise! You’re Dead!
  7. Last Cup of Sorrow
  8. Poker Face/Chinese Arithmetic
  9. Cuckoo for Caca
  10. Easy
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. King for a Day
  13. Midlife Crisis
  14. Introduce Yourself
  15. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  16. Be Aggressive
  17. Epic
  18. Just a Man
  19. Chariots Of Fire/Stripsearch
  20. Digging the Grave
  21. I Started a Joke
  22. We Care a Lot

The concert made the front page of the Finnish edition of the Metro newspaper here. More on page 12 too. Leading Helsinki newspaper Helsingin Sanomat also featured a short positie review of the gig. Sample quote: “Patton sang, shouted, spat, talked laughed and did all the human voice can do.” Finnish national broadcaster YLE also featured a short piece with a nice gallery here. Here’s the Vartti piece on the noise levels again too.

There are some not great quality videos of Digging the Grave here and here. More photos here and here. There’s another great gallery here.