In tribute to the King of Pop, Faith No More 2.0 has trawled the net and our archives for Faith No More Michael Jackson allusions. However, we have failed to unearth any cover versions or interview quotes of Mike dissing Michael. So we’ll just serve you up this lukewarm quote instead. Taken from a NME feature on the band’s 1992 tour with Guns N’Roses, here’s Bill Gould: “Touring with Axl has been like touring with Michael Jackson–although I think I’ve seen Michael Jackson more times on this tour that I have Axl!”
While we’re at it the article also features of the best quotes I’ve heard about Guns N’Roses – one of my favourite bands I have to add – from Roddy: “I’m getting more and more confused about who’s who in Guns N’ Roses, and it’s blowing my mind. There’s Dizzy and Iggy and Lizzy and Tizzy and Gilby and Giddy. Shit, man, onstage now there’s a horn section, two chick backup singers, two keyboard players, an airline pilot, a basketball coach, a coupla car mechanics…”