URGENT. Mike Patton and Mondo Cane are not playing Paris in February 2010. Ipecac Records have issued the following statement: “It has come to our attention that tickets are being sold for Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane in Paris on February 19 & 20. Unfortunately these dates are not correct. Mike did not agree to these dates. If you bought tickets, please get a refund. We are working on getting the correct dates.” Phew, I was just about to book tickets for this.

Pete Turner the bassist of the excellent Elbow has outed himself as a Faith No More fan. Quizzed on his musical tastes by his localpaper The Bury Times, he said: “I’ve been revisiting Faith No More a little bit with them playing recently.”

Interesting Puffy interview from The Guitar Center. Dateline is April 2009 but as Mike speaks only about Ozzy Osbourne and not the FNM reunion I assume it actually dates from earlier. Sample quote: “I like to keep in shape by moving 150- to 200-pound rocks.I’ll build a wall with rocks or dig out a couple of yards of soil, chop down trees, and stack wood. Ozzy thinks it’s hilarious. I live north of San Francisco, which is an outdoor paradise, but I’m not an exercise guy. I won’t go to the gym because I’ve been told that weight training develops the wrong kind of muscles for playing drums.”

Faith No More as style icons. Here’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look back at FNM fashion.