As Tweeted by Caca Volante and posted by Stubbadub, Sanne Vintner has posted some great pics from the Roskilde show.

Former Hanoi Rocks Michael Monroe had good things to say about FNM at Ruisrock: “Faith No More was great, as expected. Mike Patton is definitely still one of the best singers in the business.”

There is now a full collection of signed tour posters including new additions Riga, Helsinki and St. Petersburg at Secret Serpents. (No sign of the Adam Jones Moscow one though).

Apparently the annual Triple J Hottest 100 countdown is an Australian institution and FNM are at number 46 this year with Epic. Sample quote: “Fusing rap, metal and rock, the breakthrough song by San Francisco-formed Faith No More hit radios across the globe like a high-voltage shot of adrenalin.”