• Faith No More for the Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame? The band will be eligible next year though this blog from the New Jersey Star-Ledger is dismissive: “Next year’s list of newly eligible candidates, for instance, couldn’t be more underwhelming: it’s unlikely that the Indigo Girls, Megadeth and Faith No More will garner much support.” The same article goes on to propose Jane’s Addiction, Green Day, Alice in Chains and Oasis as future inductees.
  • As we tweeted yesterday, LA Weekly have an in-depth “first listen” of Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane album. Sample quote:”But there is a key difference between this release and the majority of Patton’s enviable back-catalog: there’s not a whiff of weird for weird’s sake (with all due respect), making Mondo Cane — and not the regrettably hip-hop infused Peeping Tom — the true Patton pop record that his acolytes have been waiting for all these years.”
  • And here is the track-listing for the record which is released in the US on 4 May.
    1. Il Cielo In Una Stanza
    2. Che Notte!
    3. Ore D’Amore
    4. Deep Down
    5. Quello Che Conta
    6. Urlo Negro
    7. Scalinatella
    8. L’Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare
    9. 20 KM Al Giorno
    10. Ti Offro Da Bere
    11. Senza Fine
  • More Mondo Cane via Patton Archivo. Ipecac have released some new promo photos of Mike for the Mondo Cane release.

    More wallpaper-sized images
  • Stubbadub have a great round-up of Faith No More in Australia photos.
  • Finally, if you have any Courtney Love and Faith No More photos or video can you contact VH1’s Behind the Music’s Laura: laura.sibleyATmtvnmix.com