Artist Direct have today published an in-depth interview with Mike Patton. It focuses mainly on Mondo Cane but there are encouraging words too on the Faith No More reunion.

Sample quote:
“Given that Faith No More is back now, what does the band and its catalog mean to you after all of these years?
[Patton] Well, it’s strange, you know? To be honest, I never thought that I would ever revisit that stuff again. After some reflection and speaking with the guys, I realized, “Well, wait a minute. I’m not embarrassed about it [Laughs]. It’s still good music! Is there a way that we can still pull it off and do it justice?” So we rehearsed! When we rehearsed, I realized this is good and I feel great about it. After that, we decided to do some shows. The interesting was also kind of staggering. Basically, there’s more interest in us now than when we were an active band, which is really strange, kind of haunting and maybe a bit morbid, but it also inspired us. We thought, “Okay, for some reason people are really interested in this. Maybe we should take it as seriously as they are?” [Laughs] You know what I mean?”

FNM 2.0 can only ask, seriously enough for a new record?