Apoligies for the lack of updates this week. Malware, recovering from a stag weekend, recovering from possibly related throat infection, helping my two new rabbits recover from spays, writing and editing a 48-page soccer magazine, wedding planning and the day job have kept me away from my beloved blog, though I see the comments have been ticking over nicely with the ongoing will they or won’t they debate. Thanks again for keeping the discussion lively and informative.

To the matter at hand. With Mondo Cane – which I’m really enjoying – having hit the stores this week, Mike Patton has been all over the place giving some great interviews.
Ket’s take three of the best one by one. First up, the always engaging The Quietus. This is a real warm bath of an article; you can skim read it but to get the best of it take some time and wallow in the brilliant writing that gets to the real Patton (even if some passages would keep the editors of Private Eye’s pseuds corner busy) and enjoy Mike’s replies.
Sample quote: “Epic’ made a star of Patton, and his years fronting FNM, a decade of his life he has always spoken highly of in interviews, grew him a cult following that have followed him through countless more arcane records since. In a sense, baiting and teasing that audience became a part of his project, even a motivating factor. “I’ve certainly done things like that in the past,” he says, “in some of the earlier bands – and it wasn’t just me! We would make musical choices like, oh yeah, this’ll really fuck ’em up!” One side effect of which has been that even his most serious and avant garde work has faced accusations of piss-taking, to which Patton’s response is typically sanguine: “You can only cry wolf so many times.”

Spin offered us a revealing if more conventional interview. Sample quote: “[Spin] Speaking of Faith No More, are you and the other members surprised by the enthusiastic response to your recent reunion? Are you creatively satisfied to just revisit the older material or is there the possibility of recording a new album?
[Patton] We have been very surprised by the strong reaction. We were told to expect it, but it goes beyond what we expected. It has been cool playing with the guys again. We don’t really have future plans. As you might expect, I’m more focused on presenting Mondo Cane to as many people as I can. As always, though, I’m very grateful for the continued support.”

Finally a piece from the Sensationalist magazine I found via Patton Archivo on Twitter. Sample quote: “Normal people — quote unquote — people that have a life where they have two or three kids, and a 9-to-5 job, [and] a few hobbies, are way busier than me. Trust me!”

So what have we learned?
That Spin quote is the only mention of Faith No More in either of the three interviews., However, The Quietus piece mentions a new film score (The Solitude of Prime Numbers – which coincidentally I’m in the middle of reading right now) and Laborintus II . In Sentamentalist Mike mentions the movie score again and a previously rumoured new band “Nevermen with Tunde from TV on the Radio, and Doseone” – a vocal trio and a release before the end of the year – as well as a second Peeping Tom record and another Fantomas record. “Those are the next things on my docket.”
And Faith No More? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.