• Apologies for the lack of updates; very busy at the minute but here goes with some overdue news.
    Spotted this t-shirt in a bar in Geneva at the weekend. The guy wearing it did not know that these were Faith No More lyrics; he said he had heard them played when he had been watching wrestling on TV.
  • Mike P was on the Triple J radio station in Australia this morning. Stubbadub has all the news here. And you can listen to the interview.
  • Also in Australia, Mike gave a great interview to Vine magazine last week. Also good to see a journo doing his research and that certainly gets the best out of Mike. Sample quote: “[On Mondo Cane’s chart success] That was a real surprise, and I’ve had quite the hearty belly laugh over it. I’m proud. It’s funny, it’s a nice achievement but it also just proves that you never know. And the world is an absurd place.”
  • Mike and Mondo Cane will be playing in the UK after all with an appearance at the Big Chill festival on 5-8 August in Herefordshire.
  • The poster for the Faith No More’s Williamsburg Waterfront show on 2 July  – by Tara McPherson – has been revealed:

    As usual, the poster will go on sale at Secret Serpents – from 3 July.
  • The death of the iconic Dennis Hopper reminded me of this: Mike Patton’s acting debut in Firecracker, which was originally slated to feature the Easy Rider star.