Mike has completed his 2139th interview to promote Mondo Cane this week. Limewire have posted an interesting Q and A – “As far as how do I get away with it, that is easy, I just do it. Anyone could! There are no rules. Who is to tell Justin Bieber he can’t do a reggae record?”.

Sample quote: “[Limewire] Mike Patton is NOT God. Please discuss. [Mike Patton] Is that a question? I don’t think that was phrased as a question. So you lose Double Jeopardy! It is too bad, because that would or could have been such a good question for me to answer. It is certainly a subject that I spend countless hours thinking about. But you dropped the ball on this one and your loyal readers have only YOU to blame. Way to go! Now, I must go, I have numerous souls that I need to condemn to hell.”

Sticking to the Bizarre, Mike also has two interviews in print magazines – remember those? – this week. First up is the British compendium of weird Bizarre. As I only buy Bizarre for the pictures, if any lands a copy of this can they scan the interview?.

He also features in the latest interview with Rock a Rolla magazine.

Here’s an old (2006) interview of Mike with Bizarre for your amusement.