• Bill Gould has launched a new Twitter account for his Koolarrow record label. Go follow. Opening tweets:
    Upgrade of koolarrow.com in progress…first release of year: Flattbush “Otomatik Attak!” Sept. 28. Blistering punk rock Tagalog power.
    Thanks for following!! Still getting everything together but hopefully will get a little action going on this place very soon.
  • Finally some Mondo Cane at the Big Chill video has dropped.
    (Thanks to Firsa in comments)
  • The Clap cover We Care a Lot in trademark Bliptronic style.
  • More on Mike Patton being a fan of the San Jose Sharks [that’s hockey – hockey on ice even – apparently] from a Sharks site. Seemingly, he was once slated to sing the national anthem before a game. That’s something I’d like to see and hear. Sharks defenseman [that’s defender to those of us who speak non-American sports English] Dan Boyle is a big FNM fan. Boyle told the official Sharks site: “They’re basically my favorite band. They’ve been broken up for 14 years and just got back together for a summer tour and were playing a gig in San Francisco a couple days before the Colorado series. To make a long story short, Tom Holy (Sharks media relations manager) got a hold of their manager and they pretty much set me up backstage. I met everybody and since have become good friends with a couple of guys. I got them down to a couple (play-off) games. They came and saw one Colorado game and I think they saw one Chicago game. The lead singer was supposed to sing the national anthem at one of the Chicago games, but something came up at the last minute with him. But he told me he’s gonna do one next year.”
    [Hope you can pay us a visit here Dan to check out the latest FNM news and good luck in your next game – hope you hit a few slam dunk strikes.]
  • Faith No More perform Easy on Australian TV in May 1993.