• We announced this a while back but the date and time of the free Mondo Cane Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival show in San Francisco has now been confirmed. According to the Ipecac website, “Mondo Cane is currently scheduled to play at 5:20 pm on Sunday October 3rd on the Star stage right after Elvis Costello. Don’t miss this very special event. You are all on the guest list!!!!! Bring a picnic.”
  • Trevor Dunn (ex-Mr Bungle) recalls a Faith No More show with Mike Patton:
  • Felipe Arratia, a reporter for Chilean radio station Sonar FM, is trailing an interview with Mike Bordin:
    : “50 minutos al teléfono con el legendario Mike Bordin de Faith No More. Una de las mejores entrevistas de mi vida.”VIENEN GRANDES NOTICIAS
    In another Tweet, Felipe responded to a question about a new album: “No, man. He told me they did some jam sessions and came with some ideas together. But no new album plans on the horizon.”

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