• Been a bit busy getting married and stuff (: so here’s a few belated updates. Thanks to everyone for keeping the news and discussion ticking over below the line.
    Mike Patton interview with Alarm
    about Mondo Cane but also some details on future plans: “Between the second Mondo Cane installment and another tour, Patton isn’t done exploring. His restless nature won’t allow for that. And like usual, he and Ipecac partner Greg Werckman have a full schedule of upcoming releases, including a soundtrack by Daniele Luppi and a new album by experimental-rock studio project The Books of Knots. And after the possibility of even more tour dates from the reunited Faith No More, Patton’s commitments, to be finished in no particular order, include a film score for the adaptation of The Solitude of Prime Numbers, an electronic Fantômas album, another Tomahawk release, the Crudo collaboration with Dan the Automator, and another Moonchild disc with the Zorn crew.”
    (via Firsa)
  • Brilliantly manic video – which just surfaced recently –  of Faith No More doing Jizzlobber in Columbus 18 years ago this week. One of the best live videos I’ve seen of the band in action:
    (Via Integra)
  • Epic (with some En Vogue Free your Mind from the same show)
  • And don’t forget tickets to FNM’s Hollywood Palladium show are still available.

Right, I’m off on honeymoon, see you soon!