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2212, 2011

Links for a Day…(vol. 122)

December 22nd, 2011|Faith No More|8 Comments

  • Brief Mike Patton quotes – the real thing this time – about the Sinfônica Heliópolis in leading Brazilian paper O Globo:
    “I never heard anything recorded by them, but I heard the orchestra by Brazilian friends. Once I found out more about the work of the Sinfônica Heliópolis , it confirmed my intuition that they would be perfect for  Mondo Cane. Not only musically, but also in spirit. After this experience, inviting the choir to accompany Faith No More at the SWU festival was a natural choice.”
    The piece also includes a great quote from the symphony’s executive director Isaac Karabtchevsky:
    “I was impressed with his attitude, which becomes demonic when that image is on stage, but he was an angel in real life.”
    A reminder of the performance:

  • And in a similar vein, the behind-the-scenes video Just A Choir from the Maquinaria festival that was previously on Facebook is now on YouTube:

  • fnm4ever have uploaded the full show of Faith No More at the Super Rock festival in Lisbon on YouTube:

2212, 2011

A special Christmas message from Mike Patton

December 22nd, 2011|Faith No More|8 Comments

A bit early but we’re in a festive moood and could not resist this amazing message from Mike Patton. Enjoy and Merry Christmas from us too.

2012, 2011

Faith No More – Studio Live (Maida Vale 1992)

December 20th, 2011|Faith No More, Video vault|11 Comments

A brilliant find from jimllmixit and Ricardo on the forum – a four-song gem recorded in November 1992 at BBC Radio 1’s Maida Vale studios for the Jackie Brambles show.

Everything’s Ruined

Midlife Crisis



Via F7END on YouTube

fnm4ever featured this recording in a blog post last year

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2012, 2011

Mike Patton sings early Faith No More songs

December 20th, 2011|Faith No More, Video vault|7 Comments

As you know from the Comments, some rare early live versions of Faith No More with Mike Patton freshly installed as new vocalist performing tracks recorded with Chuck Mosley have just surfaced on YouTube.
And here they are for your listening pleasure:
Faster Disco



Via Wacke666 on YouTube

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1912, 2011

Links for a Day…(vol. 121): Patton and Niemi, mash-ups and more

December 19th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|11 Comments

  • Mike Patton, the big San Jose Sharks fan, posted a photo of himself with Sharks’ Finnish goaltender Antti Neimi on Facebook:
  • fnm4ever have uploaded this taken-from-TV but not pro-shot footage from the Maquinaria Festival

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1712, 2011

The Seagull Song

December 17th, 2011|Faith No More, News|70 Comments

Last week we were alerted to the snippet of the Seagull Song by Shane who posted it on YouTube.
The song originated from the Angel Dust sessions and Shane somehow came across a full version of the song on a CD is his basement.
We were going to publish the full version on the blog but, as it was an outtake from the Angel Dust era that was left in the can for a reason and that that is where it should remain, we decided not to.
But it was published here in the Comments and The Holy Filament have posted on it so enjoy the snippet.

Apropos here is what the band said about unreleased material in their fan interview with Stubbadub, FNM French Facebook community and FNM 2.0 in 2010:
Billy: “I think we’ve released most of it, even the bad stuff.  The stuff that hasn’t been released it really not so good. There’s a reason it never got out; it never really came together. Everything else we put out a long time ago.”
Roddy: “Bands don’t release things because they don’t like how it sounds.”



1612, 2011

Faith No More: the week in news

December 16th, 2011|Faith No More|2 Comments

1612, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 120): Dusty Springfield mash-up, Patton is not God, Bunraku narration

December 16th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|4 Comments

  • One of the more entertaining mash-ups we’ve heard and Midlife Crisis is the Faith No More component:
  • I missed this for an On This Day feature but here’s a great clip of Faith No More playing French TV show Nulle Part Ailleurs in December 1997 – probably their last ever TV-only performance:

  • Stumbled upon this again the other day and always worth revisiting this slice of popular culture. Mike Patton is not God!:

  • Speaking of the non-deity, here  – courtesy of Homefuck on Comments – is Patton’s opening narration of Bunraku:

  • Another good review of John Zorn’s A Dreamer’s Christmas and the Mike Patton Christmas Song contribution in particular


1512, 2011

Faith No More play War Pigs in Australia 1990 with Mike Patton on drums

December 15th, 2011|News|11 Comments


The one where an injured and seemingly annoyed Puffy leaves and Mike Patton apparently takes over on drums.

This was recorded in 30 July 1990 in Sydney as part of a Live at the Wireless show for Australia’s leading station Triple J.
07 – War Pigs_0
Downloads of the full show are very easy to find on Google.

1412, 2011

Faith No More forum up and running

December 14th, 2011|Faith No More, News|4 Comments

We have finally got round to adding a forum to the site. Feel free to discuss all matters Faith No More in our moderated forums and we’re open to your suggestions for sub-forums and look and feel etc.

You can find it above in our brand spanking new navigation or just go here

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