• As the countdown continues to the 24 May launch of his Talking Book album (with Jared Blum) Bill Gould has been picking up a lot of airplay and publicity. Check this out from Irish national broadcaster RTE’s classic music radio station Lyric FM. Their Nova programme features two tracks from the album – Talking Book 1 and Sundown – and presenter Bernard Clarke is effusive in his praise. (The Talking Book chat and music starts 20 minutes in)
  • And not forgetting the Patton/Gould tag team event on 18 May in San Francisco. Tickets are still on sale it seems but alas the dinner and admission option is sold out. I quite fancied some Beer Can Chicken.
  • Baseballs/bebop style cover of Digging the Grave anyone? Interesting cover and literal video by The Sparteens, a band from the Basque couintry in France:
  • Aussie horse racing. Get your money on Faith No More!!
    The race was at Eagle Farm, Queensland on 4 May and Faith No More , ridden by Larry Cassidy and trained by Doug Duryea, won at decent odds.
  • Another Faith No More mash-up but no Epic this time: