Some old video plundered from the archives via other excellent FNM sites as well as some overlooked new stuff from Roddy.

  • I missed this last month but belatedly here is the short Father’s Gay featuring a score from Roddy Bottum
  • Mick Patton and the boys with an Epic mime on Australian TV show Countdown Revolution in August 2009. (via fnm4ever)
  • Peeping Tom do Mojo on Conan in 2006 (via fnm4ever)
  • Leading Chilean newspaper La Tercera have wasted no time in speculating that Faith No More’s return to south America for the SWU festival could lead to the band playing the Maquinaria festival in Santiago the weekend before the Monday Sao Paolo date.
  • Some old favourites have been buffed up and uploaded to YouTube all shiny and new:
    Epic from Saturday Night Live in 1990
    Midlife Crisis Tonight Show 1993