We’re back after our African adventure. Did we miss much?

  • Seems I might have missed a few months actually as its Christmas already. Absolutely love this. Details of the Mike Patton/John Zorn Christmas single and you can check out the Patton song below even if it is only October:
  • The Holy Filament has a series of pro-shot Mondo Cane in Rock in Rio videos on YouTube:
  • And you can check out the entire Mondo Cane Chile show in glorious HD (via Rob and MrFnm) below
  • Bill’s Talking Book soundtracks the Rebuild 2 online game (via Jones in comments)
  • An early review of Patton’s Solitude of Prime Numbers score, which is released through Ipecac on 1 November.
  • Rare version of the Crab Song (via Inegra in comments)
  • Great Chilean interview with Mike Patton
  • A Mondo Cane insider’s view (via Firsa)
  • Via The Holy Filament, the full Faith No More at St Louis 1987 show