A poster for an earlier concert on the same tour

As reported on the wrires and in the comments, 21 years ago Faith No More supported Billy Idol during an arena tour and on this day “during a gig in Seattle, Washington, Billy Idol dumped 600 dead fish in Faith No More’s dressing room. They responded by walking on stage, naked during Idol’s set.”

Unfortunately, no video exists of the incident. We have unearthed some contemporary newspaper reports though.

The Los Angeles Times reported: “It was a Halloween trick all right, but was the sight of five naked men dancing onstage with rocker Billy Idol a treat? Idol told the crowd of 14,000 at Seattle Coliseum he knew something would happen because Wednesday was the last night of the tour – the night band members traditionally play pranks on one another.
“Not to mention that Idol had already had 600 dead fish dumped on Faith No More as they opened the show-in a soggy, smelly gag spoofing one of the band’s videos that shows a fish flopping on the ground.
When the pay-back came, Idol grinned widely as the naked men cavorted onstage in a conga line, wearing only masks or T-shirts over their heads. Idol kept plugging away at his final song, “Got to Be a Lover,” until the bare band danced off, then blushed a little and broke out laughing. Police were called in, but by the time they arrived the musicians had left the Coliseum and no one could prove who had pulled the prank, Idol’s publicist Rick Scott said.”

Meanwhile, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported: “Idol, never one to miss a chance to be obnoxious, also had another elaborate prop above the stage: a huge fist that extended a finger in an obscene gesture. The crowd roared. But it wasn’t nearly as fun as several crude, outrageous Halloween pranks Idol and his opening act, Faith No More, played on each other during the final show in the tour’s U.S. leg.

“During Faith No More’s set, Idol’s stage crew dumped 40 pounds of smelt on the band. Singer Mike Patton, startled by the cascading fish, made the best of the moment by filling his pants with fish and waddling like a baby with a full diaper. The band later got even with Idol during his encore, appearing on stage nude, save for sacks or towels wrapped around their heads. They danced around the stage in a train, causing Idol to stop his singing and join in the laughter.

“But that wasn’t the end of it, according to Brew Michaels of KXRX-FM, broadcasting live from the show. When the five members of Faith No More went backstage to take their showers, they encountered five miniature pigs and a goat in their dressing room devouring an overturned deli tray. The pranks added extra humor to a long, colorful and entertaining show.”

Finally, some video of Faith No More supporting Idol a few weeks previously at the Concord Pavilion