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1511, 2011

Faith No More at SWU redux

November 15th, 2011|Faith No More, News|18 Comments

Without coming over too much like my compatriots Boner and Bob Geldof, it is good to give soemthingback and one of the greatest things about Faith No More is that they make an effort find out and get to know the places to visit.
Most via Bill on Twitter, here is some info on their SWU Festival experience.
Learn about KCAL [who shared the stage with FNM at the festival], the self-confessed “book trafficker.”

And here is more info on the the Coral da Gente (at the Instituto Baccarelli), who provided vocals on Just a Man.
Official site
Wikipedia in Portuguese
Facebook page
Just a Man with Coral da Gente and Faith No More

And not forgetting the SWU itself – which encourages sustainability

And why not watch the whole SWU show back again, courtesy of the inestimable Holy Filament

1511, 2011

Ugly in the Morning

November 15th, 2011|News|6 Comments

My site search terms that is. You naughty people! (well about 0-1% of you in all probability) After a just a few hours of activity this morning, my site stats revealed the following under search engine terms:

Ah, here now:

1511, 2011

Faith No More at the SWU Festival setlist and videos UPDATED

November 15th, 2011|Faith No More, News|15 Comments

Sin é as we say back home. The short  but action-packed South American tour came to an end last night with another great show at the SWU Music and Arts Festival 2011 in Paulínia.

Here’s the full show:


Last Cup of Sorrow

King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Midlife Crisis
Gentle Art…
Just a Man

Image via SWU Festival site

Woodpecker From Mars incl. Delilah
From Out of Nowhere
Last Cup of Sorrow
Evidence (Portuguese version)
Midlife Crisis
Cuckoo for Caca
Surprise! You’re Dead!
Ashes to Ashes
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Just a Man

The new/secret/unknown/Matador song
Digging the Grave
This Guy’s in Love with You

Portal de Paulinia
R7: ” But the big surprise was a new song, still unnamed, which is being played on tour in South America The band does not comment on anything, but it seems that the FNM may be preparing a new CD.”
Último Segundo: “In his fifth trip to Brazil with Faith No More, the singer proved that the affection is not in vain. In Portuguese he gave many good words and sang “Evidence”, thanked the audience and even went on a walk into the middle of the audience. Between kisses, handshakes and a cooling bath, he returned intact to the stage.”
G1 Globo: ”

G1 Globo

1411, 2011

The new song redux

November 14th, 2011|Faith No More, News|39 Comments

Here are all the video version i can find of the new song.


Definitive audio version (Argentina)

Also Argentina

And again

Anyone with better ears than me fancy transcribing the lyrics?

Lyrics guesstimate:

We’ll walk the shore…????

We will rise from the killing floor / Like a matador

Let your sweet dreams never stale??fairytale/ Fairytales
We will be where you will be no more/ No more

The stain you bless, the hangman’s axe will serve you well???
Now we’re coming back/ Our time could waste all these???
We’ll jump through gates and ….?? We’ve arrived

We’ll rise from the killing floor / Like a matador

Make (me/her/him/them?) jealous / Now I’m jealous / What else can we get? / Now I’m jealous / Jealous!!!”

1411, 2011

Faith No More at the SWU festival LIVE UPDATE

November 14th, 2011|Faith No More, News|83 Comments

It does seem that there will be a live stream of Faith No More’s show at the SWU festival in Brazil tonight.
Another link:

We’re not guaranteeing anything but check the following urls:
SWU Festival Facebook page
Globo Multishow site (reading here the show may be live on TV but not on the web)

SWU festival page

More info here:
Multishow Twitter
The Holy Filament Twitter
fnm4ever Twitter

1411, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 111)

November 14th, 2011|Links for a day, News|7 Comments

  • Still plenty to catch up with after the past few days of live show action.
    Here’s a fine version of Star AD from Maquinaria
  • King for a Day – featuring John
  • Ricochet
  • Absolute Zero
  • Mike Bordin joined Down onstage during Maquinaria
  • Maquinaria photo gallery from Carlos Muller on Flickr
  • Another review from the festival via RocknVivo
  • Another immense Flickr gallery
  • A timely piece on Maquinaria guest Trey Spruance from Pop Matters



1311, 2011

Faith No More at Maquinaria Festival set list and videos

November 13th, 2011|Uncategorized|55 Comments

As promised Faith No More mixed it up with their set at the Maquinaria Festival in Chile, playing their King for a Day…album and with Trey Spruance – the guitarist on that record – playing live with the band for the first time. Regular axeman Jon Hudson also joined for several songs including another rendition of The Mystery Song.

Mystery Song

Absolute Zero

Just a Man


Get Out
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Star AD
Cuckoo for Caca
Caralho Valdor
Ugly In The Morning
Digging The Grave
Take This Bottle
King For A Day
What a Day
The Last To Know
Just A Man

Unknown song
Ashes To Ashes
Absolute Zero

From El Dinamo (do not click if offended by the naked female upper body)
A few more from Viax

Review from Emol.

Meanwhile Mike Patton met Chilean writer Alberto Fuguet at the Nicanor Parra del Centro de Extensión de la Universidad Diego Portales before the show and spoke about his own experiences as a student – “I do not believe in college” “In a small town art is the only way out.” Full report here.


1211, 2011

Watch Faith No More live at the Maquinaria festival in Chile

November 12th, 2011|Uncategorized|94 Comments

Faith No More’s set at the Maquinaria Festival in Chile will be broadcast live at the Claro site.

FNM are on stage in around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

1211, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 110)

November 12th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|15 Comments

  • Roddy’s Imperial Teen have a new album coming out on 31 January. Here is an early taster
  • Bill Gould in action with Como Asesinar a Felipes in Santiago
  • New audio and video of the mystery song
  • Spin magazine‘s take on the song
  • The Holy Filament has released some 1984 demos from the band on YouTube
  • Faith No More are on stage at 22:00 Chilean time tonight at the Maquinaria festival


1011, 2011

Links for a day… Extra (vol. 109)

November 10th, 2011|Links for a day, News|29 Comments

  • The speculation on the new or mystery song first played in Buenos Aires and again in Montevideo continues apace. Most of the best insight can be found below the line in our post here. But the mainstream-ish music media has also picked up on it with The PRP picking up on a quote we previously posted from Mike Patton from his recent interview with Movieweb to explain the song as an unreleased song from the King for a Day… era – a point which has been brought up in our Comments.
    Also comments attributed to Roddy on the Faith No More Facebook page say: “the mystery song sounded way better in montevideo. sorry, BA, it was pretty much my fault. xo, RB (taking partial credit)”
  • And some more South American news we missed last week – Courtney Love speaking about her time in Faith No More to São Paulo newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. She said: “Roddy is one of my best friends. I was his last girlfriend before he turned gay. He is the godfather of my daughter Frances. He, Michael Stipe [REM] and Bono [U2]. I begged to join the band, like 1983, I would have been 18 years old and it was pretty crazy, put fire in their hair, cut myself on stage. He said he would make them famous. I was only the singer, they woudl not let me play guitar. I was just expelled from the group because they wanted to make Faith No More a male [machos in the original Spanish] band.”
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