Last week we were alerted to the snippet of the Seagull Song by Shane who posted it on YouTube.
The song originated from the Angel Dust sessions and Shane somehow came across a full version of the song on a CD is his basement.
We were going to publish the full version on the blog but, as it was an outtake from the Angel Dust era that was left in the can for a reason and that that is where it should remain, we decided not to.
But it was published here in the Comments and The Holy Filament have posted on it so enjoy the snippet.

Apropos here is what the band said about unreleased material in their fan interview with Stubbadub, FNM French Facebook community and FNM 2.0 in 2010:
Billy: “I think we’ve released most of it, even the bad stuff.  The stuff that hasn’t been released it really not so good. There’s a reason it never got out; it never really came together. Everything else we put out a long time ago.”
Roddy: “Bands don’t release things because they don’t like how it sounds.”