Mike Patton rounded up his three-date Sydney Mondo Cane trip with a second performance at the State Theatre on Tuesday night. During Sole E Malato he invited a six-year-old girl on stage and sweetly sang to her.

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Meanwhile, the Mondo Cane shows were widely covered in the mainstream Australian media. Under the title “Mike Patton’s wild, wild Italian world”, The Australian was full of praise, reporting:
“There were the moments of classic Patton: the screams, the “noises” in his throat, the facial expressions that flicked from maniacal to playful and suave, the way he incorporated objects such as a guiro, a megaphone and a starter’s pistol into the occasion. He’s a showman, and for 90 minutes he held this audience in awe despite many of them having little idea what he was on about.”

Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald gave a four-star review: “With a 24-piece orchestra, including a dozen Sydney string players, the dense musical arrangements of heavily dated Italian pop came alive. Never mind that we can’t relate to the Italian lyrics, Patton is a master of song and almost a caricature of a crooner. His expressions are ridiculously exaggerated and his diction is meticulous.”

The Daily Telegraph was equally effusive: “It wasn’t until he let rip with the screams on Che Notte! that we were reminded of his stunningly varied musical pedigree that has run from everything from soundtracks to experimental alt-metal. From that point on, the audience was riveted, never quite sure what Patton would do next. He seemed to lure the crowd into a Faustian pact, displaying devilish charm alongside his musical virtuosity.”

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