• Gun Shy Assassin have issued a heartfelt plea for Faith No More to tour the US:
    “You wouldn’t even have to hit the secondary markets. Hit the majors — Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Minnesota, Houston and Dallas, Nashville, Tucson, Las Vegas (or Reno, if Vegas repulses you as much as it does me), Seattle, and maybe Boise, Portland, or Denver or some shit — and the people will come to you. Seriously. And you could even spread those dates out…over fucking months if you wanted. It could be like a year-long tour, and you could just play like two shows every three weeks or so.”
  • Jon Hudson has showcased some great photos of the South American tour 2011 on his Facebook page. Go check them out and go Like:
  • Faith No More King for a Day cover reproduced in Lego – why not? (via {debonweb} )
    King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime
  • Another great idea from the always innovative fnm4ever – the Faith No More Wurlitzer
  • And here is all you ever needed to know about Faith No More’s samples from Who Sampled
    People Under the Stairs’s All Good Things sample of Faith No More’s Epic