Hi there,
Thanks for all the messages of support of concern over the past few weeks. Not quite back to full health yet but getting there so updates may remain a little sparse.

Anyway, here goes for a brief recap which you may have seen elsewhere.

  • No more official tour news yet but rumours abound. None of them seem to have much credibility – for example the much-reported idioteq.com story of a 1992 reunion tour featuring Faith No More stems from an online petition. More hope than expectation with that one I would expect.
  • Mike Patton has been busy again and you can check out his vocals on the Guana Padano track Prairie Fire below:
  • And Roddy’s Imperial Teen Feel the Sound album continues to pick up plaudits. As retweeted by the man himself, Spin magazine gave ‘Teen’s SXSW 2012 performance a rave review: “it was difficult to deny that we were watching perhaps the most foolishly underrated indie band of the past 20 years.”
  • Tickets are available for Imperial Teen’s show in Los Angeles on Saturday at the Satellite.
  • Via Patton Brasil on YouTube, Faith No More in St Louis in 1997: