• Faith No More perform Pills for Breakfast/Greed/We Care a Lot at their July 2012 Brixton Academy show (via )
  • Following up the Tomahawk post earlier, the band play Lollapalooza in Chile on 6-7 April 2013. Read more about the date in Chilean newspaper La Tercera.
  • And Mike Patton is also on Australia with another project – Mondo Cane – in 2012. His Italian orchestral pop outfit play the Harvest Festival in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in November and tickets are now on sale.
  • And Mike and Mondo are playing a sideshow in Melbourne on 12 November.
  • James Munky Shaffer explained the background to Bill Gould becoming a part of Fear and the Nervous System in a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting:
  • “Then it was Billy [Gould]. My guitar tech for 15 years used to tech for Faith No More. He was Jim Martin’s guitar tech back when Jim Martin was back in Faith No More. Him and Billy had a relationship and I was saying, “Man, I gotta get someone to play bass on this thing,” and he said, “Do you want me to ask Billy?” and I said, “Well, yeah! I’m a huge Faith No More fan!” Ever since they had Chuck Mosley in the band and the first record, I’ve been a fan. So, that goes way back. And Korn and myself and everyone that has anything to do with this band have been Faith No More fans. And Billy said, “Let me come down and I’ll fly down.” He came down and I picked him up from the airport. He liked a lot of the tracks and started working on them later that night. So that came together.”
  • And Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has again declared his love for Faith No More on Twitter:
    [tweet https://twitter.com/Scott_Ian/status/253751472959942656]