We’re going on Buzzfeed/Clickhole with this listicle inspired by Faith No More’s Soundwave announcement.

1 / Faith No More are back for good

More than the announcement, the follow-up tweet from the band seemed to confirm that Faith No More 3.o will be a more permanent proposition than the often ephemeral 2.0 tour-hiatus-tour 2.0 incarnation.  It was a point seized upon by Consequence of Sound though what might change in 2015 remains – as always with the band and their cryptic announcements – unclear…

2 / New record and live performance will go hand in hand

…Personally I was expecting a break from live shows from the band while they concentrated on recording, releasing and perhaps even promoting new music. It is now beyond the realms of speculation than the band are working on and will release new music. But the Soundwave announcement shows that the band will be back on the road too. Could Soundwave ’15 even be the start of the Faith No More 3.0 tour?

3 / No Faith No More sideshows

One of the traditions of the Soundwave festival is that headline bands play warm-up shows  – sideshows. In fact, these shows are put on by the festival organisers and usually announced when the festival itself sells out. Indeed, when Faith No More last played the festival in 2010 (then complete with a Perth show which is unfortunately not part of the schedule in 2015), they played sidehows in Sydney and Melbourne (two dates) while they also fitted in two warm-up shows in New Zealand. BUT it looks at this stage that there will be no side shows in 2015. Music Feeds reports: “Soundwave’s AJ Maddah has confirmed that newly-announced Soundwave 2015 headlining acts Faith No More and Slipknot will not be playing Soundwave sideshows when they hit the country for the festival in February 2015. When asked on Twitter, Maddah said both headliners Slipknot and Faith No More “and a few others” will be “exclusive to the festival” and will therefore not be announcing any extra sideshows.

4 / Faith No More are a big draw

Just before their break-up in 1997, Faith No More could be found still high enough on festival bills but under headliners such as Black Grape, The Charlatans, Jamiroquai, Foo Fighters or the Orbital. Now, even five years after their reunion and 18 years since their last album, they are one of the biggest draws around.

5 / FNM and Soundgarden cross paths again

After their reunion at Hyde Park in July where Soundgarden palyed Superunknown in full, the Seattle grungers and Faith No More will share the stage again for four dates at Soundwave. Something that Kim Thayil is looking forward to, according to Music Feeds: “It’s an alliance, the guitarist explains, that he forged “all the way back” in 1987. “We have quite a history with those guys and we look forward to certainly seeing them and to hanging with those guys,” he explains.

6 / Faith No More love Australia

Faith No More’s Soundwave shows will take them over half-a-century of concerts in Australia (51 not including any sideshows, according to Setlist.fm) In fact, Australia is the band’s fourth most popular choice for live shows after the US, UK and Germany.

7 / The Aussie media are excited

The lineup has garnered huge coverage in the Australian media with most articles leading with Faith No More and featuring pictures of the band. Leading Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald captured the mood with a piece from their music editor headlined “Soundwave 2015: Australia’s best-ever rock line-up?”.

8 / Anyone remember Chatroulette?

From Faith No More’s last Soundwave shows