We flagged this up a few months back but missed the actual release but the very well realised Lullaby Versions of Faith No More by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star was released on 16 September.

It is available on iTunes here
Or it can also be purchased here.

Or here is a Spotify stream (beware this does what it says on the tin and this will lull you to sleep.)

There’s a good discussion here on Motherfucker, the first single which Faith No More will release on 28 November. The release will be a limited release of 5,000 for Record Store Day’s Black Friday promotion but some limited numbers of copies will also be made available for international use. Details of a digital release pre-order will also be revealed soon.

We haven’t had a Faith No More cover for a while so here is an interesting acoustic take on Midlife Crisis from Polish band The Hangovers.