Update: Tim Dalton, Faith No More’s then tour manager, has since posted a fascinating article on the night the wall came down

Conventional wisdom and urban lore has it that David Hasselhoff sparked the fall of the Berlin Wall such was the Knight Rider actor-turned-singer’s popularity on both sides of the Wall.

But Faith No More actually have a more legitimate claim as they were actually in Berlin that night. The band were playing at the Loft as part of their Real Thing tour on 9 November 1989.

And the band broke the news of the catacylsmic events from the stage to an unaware audience. On the now defunct Kraut Komplex site, Zulfikar Abbany recalled:
“Twenty-two years ago, Europe shifted. For some, it started on the streets of Dresden and Leipzig, in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and elsewhere.
“For others, it started later – on the night of 9 November 1989, at theLoft where the San Francisco band Faith No More had a gig.
“I wasn’t there but the story goes something like this: they closed their set, as they usually did at that time, with a version of the Black Sabbath song War Pigs. ‘Big Ugly’ Jim Martin played the first of two solos and Mike Patton, the singer, screamed, ‘der Mauer ist weg! Der Mauer ist weg!’ No one knew what the American rocker, known for grotesque pranks, such as packing faeces into hotel hairdryers, was on about.
The song continued and Patton screamed something about Satan. Then, ‘Big Ugly’ Jim ventured another solo and Patton gurgled “Thank you, Berlin, fucking night, see you later, man. And guess what? The wall is gone!’ he said, laughing maniacally.
But still no one knew what Patton was on about. ”


Hopefully the band one day share their memories of that momentous night. Their performance of War Pigs was that night was recorded and made it on to b-side of Epic.