Just as in the Slane post earlier, this is a great find from Mark Montague – a very lively and g00d-natured interview with BBC Radio 1‘s Jackie Brambles back in 1991 and a stunning four-song set. (also posted by Faith No More blog today)

We now have updated tour dates on the site. They’re pulled from Songkick and after a few teething problems appear to be up to date. We are planning a site overhaul in the coming weeks.

Not everyone is overwhelmed by the Motherfucker single. A blog on Houston Press takes the song to task:
“As an introduction to Faith No More, or to a new album, it’s a complete dud. This doesn’t make me excited for new material from one of my favorite bands, people I consider artistic geniuses. This certainly wouldn’t draw in anyone who didn’t already have the utmost faith in the band to begin with. As a continuation of their career, I have to wonder exactly what the statement is, because it still sounds like the same band in 1997, who had largely forgotten why they were who they were and what on earth they were doing out there.”

In case you’ve forgotten, the physical release is on Friday – in selected independent record stores in the US and Canada. Here’s all you need to know on Record Store Day Black Friday.

And here – courtesy of Cactus Music store  is what the record looks like.

And while we look forward to hearing the B-side remix, here is one previous Faith No More official remix to enjoy: