THE digital release of Faith No More comeback single Motherfucker may be just days away but nothing stops in Mike Patton world and the FNM singer is in Chile this week as Fantômas play the Rockout Fest.
The band kick off tonight with a sideshow along with the Melvins at the Teatro Cariola in Santiago:
More details here:

AS always Patton’s arrival in Chile has attracted great interest. On their Facebook page, Rockout posted this shot of the band arriving:

AND Rockout’s video of Mike P’s message to Chilean fans has been picked up La Nacion newspaper.

AWAY from Fantômas, today marks 17 years since this brilliant if end-of-an-era Faith No More performance on UK TV. I watched this randomly just last week but the Faith No More blog reminded me today that it was aired on 5 December 1997. TFI Friday indeed.


THE FDRMX site has published an insightful review of Motherfucker.
“The song is about rhythm and ascension. It’s a chanted, rising swell of drums, with a spoken rhyme that leads to a rather glorious, almost operatic, chorus filled with Patton’s distinctive melodious-psycho vocals.”