Faith No More‘s promo push for Sol Invictus continues today with two major interviews.

The first with Metal Hammer entitled “Faith No More: rebirth of the Real Thing” is arguably the most revealing and high-profile so far. In the interview on the subscription Team Rock site and presumably also in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Bill Gould speaks extensively about the new record.

He elaborates on the dark theme of the record and the creative tensions within the band and a little on the band’s music per se: ““Sure, it sounds like us at our age,” shrugs Billy. “I can speak in colours. There’s a touch of colour from the first album, a little Angel Dust, a little King For A Day… on there, and some stuff we’ve never done before. We have a song that’s like a blues song, which we’ve never done before! It’s just stuff that excites us.”

Meanwhile, Roddy Bottum has given an interview to the Time Out section of the New Zealand Herald.
Roddy also spoke about the sound of the record: “The consensus among the band is it sounds like the way that we started. It has some really sombre tunes, some really high points of energy, lots of peaks and valleys, some lyrics that I’m really fond of, and lots of piano.”
The interview also had some interesting news on the band tensions and also the tantalising prospect that there will be 15 unreleased songs: “Tensions arose when it came time to whittle down their 25 songs to a more manageable 10 for the album. “We wrote a lot of songs, and a lot of songs never made it on the record, a lot of decisions were made and they’re really painful to make. A lot of people had songs they wanted on the record that didn’t make it on the record.”