The band frenzy continues with Mike Patton breaking his Sol Invictus silence to give an interview alongside Bill Gould with Australian radio station Triple J.

“I’m not sure we have a sound. We just do what we do and let the rest of the world figure it out.”
Mike Patton

And one more interview! JON HUDSON – fresh from lighting up the new FNM single – has spoken to music tech site Gearophobia.(via FNM Followers).  it is a wonderfully revealing interview and not just for musos or techies. I loved this quote on his relationship with the older FNM material:
“I enjoy the older material a lot. We don’t play everything of course. I don’t really try and branch out any further than what is on those respective records. I’m not trying to put my mark on it. There is no need for that. It doesn’t need another ‘signature’ on it. I’m a huge fan of what the other guitar players had done in the band… Jim and Trey. I don’t really think I’d want to be in a band and play for this many years if I really didn’t enjoy the material.”
Here’s the full elegant flipping book interview.

Great to hear Superhero on my radio station of choice BBC 6 MUSIC this morning – on their breakfast show. You can listen here – and Faith No More is from 48.00 onwards. It is Matt Everitt – the former drummer with Menswear who is waxing lyrical while giving the FNM update.

This release has really gone global. Even Irish state broadcaster RTE are getting in on the act with a stream.

Early release? AMAZON.FR have the CD release date for Sol Invictus listed as 15 May.
And the same for vinyl

AMAZON.COM still listed as 19 May by the way.

Enough with all that exciting new stuff. How about some OLD STUFF? Way old. Twenty-year-old to be precise. Some video of Faith No More in Sweden in July 1992 has just popped up on YouTube. cheers for uploading Aleksa.
Here’s the show details courtesy of friends of the site and FNM tour bible anaussiemusicfan

Another new old one from NORWAY now.

And the setlist.

here’s one YouTuber’s review of Superhero

And from the exact same source of the gig database, anaussiemusicfan strikers again with this great video of the old new song MATADOR rom Soundwave Melbourne