Indie hipster bible Pitchfork is the latest to afford Faith No More an extensive interview online. Bill Gould and Mike Patton from the band spoke to Pitchfork for another revealing piece. 2015-03-26 20-56-58

Here are some choice quotes:

Bill: “I just hate getting that stupid hype machine going when there’s nothing to talk about. I hate the gossip and the bullshit. We didn’t want to get into expectations and speculation. I didn’t even play any of the songs for my wife. ”

Mike: ” Becoming a DIY band was super-enticing, especially to me, because I had been doing that shit for 10 years.”

Mike: “A lot of people think that when bands tour, they can decide where they want to go. But unless you’re Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake—or any of the Justins—you can’t do that. So we did what was available to us. A lot of fans thought we had some prejudice against the States, and that’s not true.”

Mike: “We’ve lived in the metal world for a long time, but we’ve never been a metal band. When I first joined the band, our contemporaries were bands like Poison and Def Leppard. And we laughed at it. It was comedic to us, but it wasn’t to the rest of the world—we were thought of as one of those bands.”

     Here is the full interview.