Classic Rock magazine have just published the first mainstream media review of the comeback Faith No More album Sol Invictus.  

Here are some excerpts: 

Although there’s some mandatory, full-on metal propulsion – on Superhero, for example, a study in the futility of all-American derring-do – the real influence is the 80s goth for which the group have always declared their love; there are shades of the noir-ish narratives of Nick Cave on the title track, of Siouxsie And The Banshees’ colour-splashed goth onSunny Side Up and of the Cramps’ lurid, Day-Glo death boogie on Cone Of Shame.”

“Ultimately, on Matador and From The Dead, there is a sense of a group who have felt disinterred for too long and are ready to extend their hand from their still-warm grave and grasp rock’n’roll by the neck for one further throttle. 

Sol Invictus is the sound of a group perhaps more mature, more capable and readier than ever to take on the world. Whether a new, post-MTV generation cares to take up their challenge is another matter.”

The album gets a 8/10 score.

Read the full review here.