Cuepoint, the leading music magazine on Medium, has just published an in-depth feature on Faith No More’s return and Sol Invictus which features quotes from both Roddy Bottum and Bill Gould.

2015-04-29 09_33_51-Cuepoint — Medium

It’s a tremendous piece of work, very music in the US long-read music journalism style so any snippets inevitably lose something out of context but here are a few choice cuts in any case:

“Billy: ““I brought the song ‘Matador’ to people and they liked it,” he said. “It’s one of the things that kind of opened the door. I think what happened [is Bordin] and I went into our rehearsal room. I had all my recording gear there. We mic’ed up the drums and started making some sounds. It was very natural and it sounded good enough that we looked at each other like, ‘We can make an album here.’”

“This hasn’t been an outfit, though, that has been historically interested in retreading ground. The closest any song in the Faith No More canon ever got to wallowing in nostalgia was maybe The Real Thing’s “Edge of the World.” It’s an old-school jazzy torch song. About a pedophile. “Kindergarten,”off Angel Dust, is literally about the futility of living in the past. Proustian, they are not.”

“Gould scoffs at the idea that just because you get older you need to stop rocking your ass off, but this album does feel different than the ones that came before it. There’s still menace, but it’s more contained. The Lynchian juxtapositions of ugliness pushing up against a kind of surface beauty give more benefit of the doubt to the beautiful this time around.”

““We’re just kind of discovering this thing,” Gould said. “We don’t have an endgame. It’s working right now, and we’re just going with it. I’d like to discover what happens.”