In one of their more interesting recent interviews, Faith No More have spoken Sol Invictus to Australian magazine Blunt in their latest issue.   

But Mike Patton good-naturedly refused to explain song meanings. He said:

“See if you can figure out what I’m saying. I love to leave it like that. There should be some mystery in any creative endeavour. I can’t explain it to you. I mean, shit, the other day our drummer [Mike Bordin] was asking me what that tune Sunny Side Up was about and I’m like “I don’t know”.”

Bill: “However it meant a lot to him. He thought it was about sex in the morning.”

Patton added: “There is no riddle. It is going to mean something different to everybody.”

Bill Gould did, however, expand a little on the album: 

“I think we were all feeling this sort of dark vibe that we used to have back in the early days.”

That’s just a taster for a genuinely revealing interview as the band talk Falling to Pieces, perfection and not saving the human race.

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