Corpse Collective podcast album special

Shane Diablo horror and music podcast Corpse Collective features an in-depth segment on Faith No More’s comeback album Sol Invictus in its latest edition – Corpse Cast Episode 144.
The feature starts from 20:47 and they play snippets from Superhero, Sunny Side Up, Cone of Shame and Motherfucker.
Check it out

Sol Invictus to stream?

Deezer is already showing Sol Invictus on its app so it looks like the album will be available on the streaming service.

Faith No More in Brazil photos

The Rock em fotos Twitter account has just posted some great shots of Faith No More at the Carnavale in Rio in 1991. Some are original from this UOL Rock in Rio gallery.

German reviews

Our friends Faith No More Followers have helpfully translated that Visions Sol Invictus review.
Here’s a snippet:
“As if they were never gone. The 1st album of FNM after 18 years is a successful comeback, eccentric and eclectic as ever – the definition of crossover…On ‘Sol Invictus’ FNM called up the whole repertoire of their skills. It’s the most homogenously heterogenous album you could wish for from a rock band, stylistic border experiences inclusive.”
Elsewhere in Germany, the Hooked on Music blog gives a somewhat mixed review. It states that the “the band manages again to compose exciting and very varied songs” but argues that the album lacks hits and “the complete surprises that made the earlier work of the band so unique and exciting”.
JMC magazine give a similarly mixed review ad 7.5/10 score and state that the album is ” dark and very atmospheric” and add that “the founding fathers of crossover still commute between genres (e.g “Rise Of The Fall”), but no longer are as ambitious and extravagant as on previous records”. (Links via FNM Followers)
Mescaline Injection, meanwhile, gives the album 9/10 in a slightly surreal review.

Fantomas No More poster treasure

The wonderful Fantomas No More Twitter account (And Patton mad site)got in the #solinvictus mood this week and tweeted some wonderful old Faith No More posters.

Check out the site for their hugely exhaustive Faith No More (and more) discography.

Bill Gould Darkglass promo appearance

(Via FNM Followers)
Bill Gould will be making a special appearance at the Darkglass’s Thunder Showcase is on 14 May. More information here: