Mike Patton and Bill Gould have opened up on the making of Faith No More comeback record Sol Invictus in another excellent interview in an Australian magazine. This time, the duo were interviewed by Heavy magazine – and again laid bare their perfectionism in the recording process.

The band once more appeared on the cover; Faith No More and their kittens have now been on more magazine covers in 2015 than Kim Kardashian and her puppies.

Back to Bill and the Bay. The article states:

“At some point, one has to wonder what would have happened if the band never reached that point of satisfaction? Maybe they would have scrapped Sol Invictus for good.
“I’ve thought about it; I could get the hard-drive, just go into my computer and throw it off the bridge into the bay,” Gould says with a certain boldness. “I could probably do it and be happy with that choice, actually.””

Mike also makes an interesting observation on reconnecting with the band:

“I didn’t even really think about it like that. To me, it was just a new set of music. I thought about it not as going back to my old band but as a new thing, a new project, a new adventure.”

And Bill also revealed how working on the new album started:

“It was more like “Let’s just starting f**king around and, if it’s good, maybe we’ll record it later.””

One final tit-bit from Mike P:

“I didn’t think [there would be new music] then I heard this stuff,” Patton says, adding. “I’ll be honest, man. When I heard what he had written, I thought maybe it’s not Faith No More at all. Maybe it’s something else.”