Roddy Bottum’s latest interview with the Toronto Star might serve as something of a dampener on exlectations of immediate post-Sol Invictus material from the Faith No More.

(via @fnm4ever)

Here’s that reply:

Q: So do you think there might be another Faith No More album or two lurking in the kitty?

Roddy: Not really. I mean, when we made this record I think there was something like 25 songs and we released 10 of them. I’d like to think if we went and made another record it would not be songs from this session. There’s a lot of material there, honestly, but I don’t really see putting it out other than in some weird, obscure form. If we make another record I would like to go back into the studio with new stuff. This, the
 Sol Invictus record we just released, is very era-specific.

And Roddy also shares some new insight on Sol Invictus (you know the new album that has not been released yet but some of us – mea culpa – are guilty of looking beyond):

Q: Was there any kind of master plan heading into the new album?

Roddy: The only design was kind of getting back to our roots and addressing what we started with. We didn’t have any motive to get on the radio or play into today’s standards or work within the spectrum of corporate-rock America. The intent was just to address who we are as people and what we’ve done in our past. It was overthought but never over-spoken. Maybe people were thinking about stuff going to sleep at night, but there was no grand design. It was nothing that we came together and talked about or anything.