Yahoo! look ahead to their live Yahoo! Live streaming of Faith No More’s Detroit Filmore show on Friday night with a Bill Gould interview on Yahoo! Music.

Stream is at 6:15 p.m. PT/9:15 p.m. ET. Tune in HERE to watch

In the revealing piece which starts with Mike Bordin dreaming a drum beat for the record, Bill gives the fullest description yet of the album title:

“It was sort of the slogan of a religion of Sun worshippers, but it was political as well and was printed on coins. It’s kind of a dark song. I think we painted with a lot with dark colors on this album. And there’s this Pagan and Roman idea of the darkness, too. The sun has risen again and you’ve got a fire. In the darkness, there’s still a fire burning. So, I think the album is hopeful, but it’s dark.”

And the article gives more detail on the recording genesis:

““Playing ‘Matador’ was like everyone getting their feet wet,” Gould says. “After that, it was just a matter of acclimation. People become more and more comfortable with the material we were working on and the songs just stated coming together.”

Gould, Bordin and Hudson workshopped most of the songs on 
Sol Invictus in the bassist’s home studio. Then Gould emailed the tracks to Bottum and Patton, to work on. “Getting the writing going again was like starting a train,” Gould says. “It started off slow and then gradually gathered momentum. But then the train’s goin’ and that’s it. You’re off.””