From Monday 11 May NPR First Listen is the only place in the US to listen to the exclusive stream of Faith No More’s comeback album Sol Invictus.


NPR also give a mini-review of thr album:

“What makes Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s first album in 18 years, so extraordinary is not only how comfortably it fits into the band’s discography, but also how economical it is. So many veteran bands overcompensate on record, but Sol Invictus clocks in at a sharp 39 minutes. It’s lean and to the point, taking listeners deep into Faith No More’s twisted world, and it doesn’t let up. Its playfulness and aggression intermingle to the point where it’s hard to tell the two approaches apart.

For all the strengths of the album’s first two singles, the gleefully profane “Mother******” and the dramatic “Superhero,” Sol Invictus’ rewards are even richer the more you delve into the deeper cuts. “Sunny Side Up” returns to the easy-listening feel of Faith No More’s 1992 cover of The Commodores’ “Easy,” but instead of straight-faced homage, Patton and Bottum crank up the darkness tenfold; in the process, the song is transformed into a bleak character sketch, with Hudson’s funk guitar adding dry humor. The angst of “Separation Anxiety” will have many thinking of “Midlife Crisis” — arguably Faith No More’s greatest composition — but it creeps along in even more deranged fashion, with Hudson and Gould repeating a hypnotic riff pattern as Patton, the Mel Blanc of rock music, snarls menacingly.

Faith No More’s heavy-metal roots are on full display in the roaring “Cone Of Shame,” while “Rise Of The Fall” contrasts a Kurt Weill-esque arrangement (and an earworm of a melodica hook) with Bordin’s thunderous, martial beats. “Black Friday” is the strangest departure on Sol Invictus, as it alternates between upbeat acoustic guitar and explosions of fury and distortion that echo the Pixies. On the other hand, “Matador” bursts with cinematic grandeur; the entire band rises to the occasion, from Patton’s powerhouse performance to Bordin’s tribal thuds. It’s a wonderful climax to an album that, honestly, has no business being as memorable and exhilarating as it is.”

Pandora will also be streaming the album from 13 May.

Sol Invictus is released in the United States on 18 May.

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