Faith No More have done their most extensive Sol Invictus piece with Rolling Stone that served as band primer, behind-the-scenes look and major interview.

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Here’s what is said about the album’s beginnings:

“The album itself was started on a lark. Bored, Gould mic’d up some of Bordin’s drums in the rehearsal space and the two jammed together. Gould wrote some guitar and bass parts; the result ultimately turned into second single “Superhero.”

Says Gould, “Then we’re like, ‘Uh, we haven’t talked to anybody else yet. This is coming pretty quickly and easily — what does that mean?’ Well, let’s just keep on working. It doesn’t haven’t to mean anything.”

They asked Bottum, who was in New York, if he wanted to be a part of the process and he agreed. “Then one day I got a thing from Roddy,” says Gould, “and it was like five songs.”
Gould then showed some music to the busy Patton…

“I was pretty flattered, to be honest,” says Patton. “Not only did the shit sound fucking great, the amount of work that had already gone into it at that point was touching. It definitely caught me off guard in a great way, in an ass-kicking way. This music is still vital and didn’t feel nostalgic at all. Any of those kind of fears or paranoias that I may have had in the past, like, ‘Ugh, reunion — great. A bunch of 50-year-olds trying to rock out.’ The music did the talking, so all that shit just evaporated.”