Metal Sucks are the latest site to give Faith No More’s Sol Invictus a soaring review – a solid 4.5/5.

They say:

“Not only are these songs way different from what your average rock band is doing these days, but they’re all beyond-infectious — whatever song you’re listening to when you hit “stop” will be stuck in your head on an endless loop until that time when you can return to the album and get to the next song. Even “Motherfucker,” which is as structurally repetitive as repetitive gets, has a hook so strong as to make its redundancy not just irrelevant, but almost desirable.”

““Cone of Shame,” though, is the album’s clear standout. As I said before, the song features a lot of foreplay before the fucking starts… but the delay in gratification pays off in spades, and the song’s explosive catharsis seems to arrive with invisible strings attached to your skull, forcing you to headbang in sync with the beat. The track may also be the single strongest reminder of why a generation of musicians worship Patton as a deity; his vocal performance and lyrics somehow convey rage, insecurity, longing, and regret all at once (“I’d like to pull your wings off,” Patton bellows before immediately softening: “Read your lines like a gypsy/ Just as lonely as anything/ So infinite”).