UPDATE: The band are suggesting that this song may get an airing on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon!

The release of Faith No More‘s comeback album Sol Invictus may still be days away, but already attention is turning to even newer music from the band. A song that does not feature on Sol Invictus was played at the band’s Amoeba in-store show at the of last year and we have the footage.

Possible titles are From the Shred, Surprise! You Shred; May the Shred Live and Shreds of the World.

The video immediately provokes the question – what the hell was that?

In recent interviews, the band have stated that they have 10-15 other tracks recorded but that they did not fit with the cohesive collection that is Sol Invictus. Could this be the post-SI direction that the band will focus on? Are Faith No More ready to rescue metal? Is this nu-nu-metal?