We are getting such record reams of Faith No More news that even interviews barely merit more than a passing mention.

Tone Deaf interview

Australian site Tone Deaf has published its interview conducted earlier this year and it includes some nice good-natured chat from Mike B, Roddy and Jon:

“I think we’ve made a real career of being outsiders”, softly spoken Roddy says, of their veteran presence on the festival circuit. “We’ve never really considered ourselves part of any sort of movement. So we went out of the way to distance ourselves from other musical things that were out there, and we didn’t honestly have a lot of affinity towards other bands.
We toured with them, and we’re friendly with people, but our entity was kind of always on its own, so we don’t really feel a connection with the rest of the music world,”

And more Roddy:

““We’re a weird band. I mean, I’m grateful for where we are, and it’s great that so many people like us, but it blows me away – I can’t believe people like what we do, that’s so weird for me,”

Die Welt review

Leading German newspaper has today published a Sol Invictus review/feature. They say:

“The result is a slim but energetic collection of pieces that revives the old thread while at the same time bringing new perspectives. Faith No More – referred to by rock greats like Nirvana, Metallica or Anthrax as formative – offer much more than what some experts tried to label as”funk metal”.”

Faith No More Observatory full gig on Evergig

Evergig cleverly knits together fan footgae from conerts and syncs audio to offer full concerts. Here’s Faith No More at the Santa Ana Observatory.

Listening parties

A few US record stores are offering Sol Invictus listening parties for those who want to go beyond the streaming experience.

Record Store/Bull Moose are even offering free pizza on Monday as well as an early US taste of the vinyl.

Zia Records also have a competition to win a test pressing.

Boston Globe Orpheum review

A glowing review from the Boston paper:

“They also roared through back-catalog tunes with a nimbleness and heat that made it clear they still have energy to burn.
They kicked off the night with a foreboding and sinuous new track with an unprintable title, setting the tone for what was to come as they careened from brawny riffage to slithering rhythms, heavy-metal freak outs, and smooth soul symphonies. Patton’s still astounding voice, its range and power undimmed, surfed atop it all, injected with his uniquely maniacal aplomb.”

Faith No More special on Swiss radio 

Leading Swiss public radio station SRF 3 will be airing a Faith No More special from 20:03 CET tonight. It seems that the station – which is already streaming Sol Invictus on its website – will be playing the album in full on radio as well.

They say: “For their excellent and eccentric comeback album “Sol Invictus”, the crossover pioneers Faith No More returned after 18 years and sound as if they had never been away. In Rock Special you will hear the album as a German-speaking Swiss radio premiere.”

Swiss radio special II

My local station and the station with the French-speaking exclusive of Sol Invictus in Switzerland, Couleurs 3, have the album as their album of the week this week – and they played Black Friday on their show last night. The presenter makes the germane pint that the band have yet to announce a date in Switzerland for 2015. Sort it out!

Check here from 39:30 onwards.