Let’s forget that Guardian review ever happened and here are two more rave reviews.

Under the Radar

The New Zealand music site is positively buzzing about the album.

They conclude:

Tracks like ‘Sunny Side Up’, ‘Separation Anxiety’, ‘Matador’ and ‘Motherfucker’ all feel like they could have been lifted from recording sessions in the nineties. Patton’s vocals, which are spat through megaphones, guitars and keys, battle each other for prominence while drummer Mike Bordin is still working overtime to keep the chaos in check. At just under 40 minutes, Sol Invictus certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome, but it’s a deserved moment in the sun for a group still at the top of their game.”


After yesterday’s review from its metal counterpart, another glowing review from About.com’s rock site. They give 4/5 state:

“Faith No More have produced a solid album that stands up with the rest of their catalog. The album opens with the quiet, piano-driven intro title track “Sol Invictus” then launches into “Superhero”, a song which captures the familiar Faith No More sound of heavy guitars, bass, and drums with singer Mike Patton’s alternately sung, spoken, screamed, and yelled vocals.”